Ronnie's portrait
Veronica "Ronnie" Howard was imprisoned for forging a prescription when she met Susan Atkins, who bragged to her about killing Sharon Tate during Manson murders in which she was involved. Ronnie along with prison friend Virginia Graham exposed Atkins and helped to expose the Manson family.

Prison lifeEdit

Susan Atkins was imprisoned for auto related charges, when she met Howard and Graham and bragged about the graphic detail of the murder of Sharon Tate. Howard and Graham passed on what they were told, which resulted in the capture of Atkins and the rest of the family for their rightful crime of the Tate/LaBianca murders.


Howard was released from prison at some point and was later died in 1979 as a result from a beating. She was abducted by a "gypsy" cab driver, beaten and robbed. She called her husband who found her after being abandoned, but she later died in hospital from her injuries.

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