Laura Dekker (September 20th, 1995 - ) is the teenage Dutch sailor who travels the world, alone in 2009. She's the youngest person who circumnavigate the globe single-handed. 

Childhood and Early Life

Dekker was born in the city of Whangarei, New Zealand during a seven-year trip by her parents, dutchman Dick Dekker and germanwoman Babs Müller who actually divorced, since 2002.

Dekker psent the first four years of her life at sea. At six, Dekker owned her first boat, an Optmist, and learned to sail it herself. The next boat she received at the age of ten was a Hurley 700. She named it Guppy and used it for solo-sailing during her multiweek-long summer vacations; her trips included the Wadden Sea and the North Sea. In May 2009, Dekker made a solo-crossing from Maurik, Netherlands to Lowestoft, England where local authorities requested her father to come and accompany her on her return voyage.