Duane Keith Davis (born, 1964) also known as Keffe D or Keefe D, is a American former criminal, a leader of the California-based gang known as the Crips, and the uncle of Rapper Tupac Shakur murderer Orlando Anderson.


Former LAPD Detective Greg Kading in October 2011, a former investigator in the murder of Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace, released a book alleging that Sean "Diddy" Combs commissioned Duane Keith "Keffe D" Davis to kill Tupac Shakur, along with Knight, for $1 million. Davis, the uncle of Orlando Anderson, and Kading claimed that Anderson was present in the vehicle which pulled up next to the BMW in which Tupac was shot.

In a recorded conversation with Detective Kading, Davis claimed Anderson fired the shots that killed Tupac.

During his confession, he met Puffy Combs in 1993 by Combs' friend named Eric "Zip" Martin, which turn out Davis gets his crips to be one of Puffy's extra security by giving the crips of tickets, and hired. After that, Combs tell Davis like "Come on downstairs and talk to me." to meeting in Anaheim, California at hotel. Then says by Combs "Man, I need to get rid of these guys", Davis then "Okay, I will do for million" and agrees.
On the day of September 7, 1996, Keffe D and Zip went to Las Vegas for Tyson fight, however his nephew Orlando Anderson, along his friends Terrence Brown and Deandrae Smith by driving late-model white Cadillac from Compton.

After the Tyson fight, Orlando Anderson was beat up by Rapper Tupac Shakur, his entourage were involved in a fight inside the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas three hours before Shakur's shooting. Just shortly after that, it was revealed that Davis was trying to calm Anderson down and begins the assassination to kill Shakur.

Zip, gives Keffe D, a Glock 40. pistol and went to the white Cadillac with Brown, Smith and his nephew, they waited of 5,20 minutes that Shakur and Knight never show up, so they left. They stopped at liquor store to have some drinks, while they are driving, Suge and Tupac, along with their entourage begin heading to 622, four women screaming his name, "Tupac, Tupac!", which Davis then says to his crips "There they go!" and tells his driver to U-turn, when they are next to Shakur and Knight in BMW, Davis reveal that he was going to give Deandrae "Dre" Smith gun, but Smith refused which in Davis' confession: "I gave it to Dre and Dre was like "No, no, no". And Lane was like give me it, pop the dudes.", which Anderson learned over, rolled down the window and shoots Shakur by four times, while Knight get his was hit in the head by fragmentation. Which the shooting ends after that, Davis, Brown, Smith and Anderson escape the scene by driving away, where they went smoke weed and drink by going to hotel by Davis' claims.

After the murder of Tupac Shakur, a unnamed southside compton crip (now deceased) have seen Baby Lane and Dre in the white Cadillac while they just come back from Las Vegas, which Smith says "I let off on Tupac.", which Smith was believed to be shooter, not Anderson, but later Anderson is the shooter of Rapper Tupac Shakur which a southside crip says        

"Yeah, that was a rent-a-car they had, 'Cause every time they go to Vegas they get rent-a-cars, They get a rent-a-car because if you goin' out of town and the police ever find somethin' in there, it's a rent-a-car, they can't really put it on you. If you see Keffe right now, nine times out of ten, he in a rent-a-car right now. Shit, pretty sure everybody around there knows about it".