How cute. Jeanine (right) and her daughter (left).

Jeanine Ferris Pirro (born 1951) is a civil judge, former prosecutor, and an upholder of the law, and also has her own show on Fox News. She believes in protecting the innocent, but she's also a merciful judge who believes in helping others that might need help should be they be screwed or ripped off. She even gives help to those emotionally traumatized, even if they have done some questionable things. She's all about tough love, which may make many uncomfortable, but helps in the end. Her husband is Lobbyist Albert Pirro.

She was born in upstate, New York. She was instrumental in taking down an all-boys criminal club that involves men who beat their wives, and nothing would be done. She also served as a prosecutor for an upstate New York town. She later became a judge for her own TV show, one that got many people enjoying and watching. She is a woman who has always stood in upholding the law and protecting the citizen. She has defended many rape victims, but also victims of false rape charges. She's married and has a lovely daughter.


-This woman has said the word "bro"/"sis" -- she's a real homegirl. How could anyone not love her?