Flea the cat
Flea the cat or simply Flea is a mixture between a siamese cat and a himalayan cat and Carolyne Bilodeau's pet cat. It's a female cat that was under the custody of Carolyne and Caroll-Ann, she likes to give Caroll-Ann a cat kiss by licking it on her face, she dislikes cats and she loves dogs especially for Kafee, she was saved from death by Carolyne Bilodeau who takes her under her wing and changed mind after she adopts this cute cat. Her mother is a siamese cat and her father is a himalayan cat, she has also her father's facial features. She was originally a male, but when Carolyne when to her laptop for the gender of Flea, she is a girl.

Flea can meow normally like "Mi" and "Meow".

She is operated for not having babies nor sickness. So Carolyne takes Flea to take her medecine for cats.
Baby Flea

Baby Flea