Princess Elizabeth Christobel Edith Bagaaya Akiiki of Toro (born 1936) is the Batebe of the Kingdom of Toro. She is an Ugandan princess, lawyer, model, diplomat and actress.

Biography Life

Elizabeth is the daughter of  the Lieutenant Sir George David Matthew Kamurasi Rudiki III, the 11th Omukama (in english: King) of Toro and Kezia Byanjeru Abwooli, Nikodemo Kakoro's daughter. She was well-educated, went to two boarding schools and graduated from the Cambridge University with a law degree. Elziabeth became a model, but she was afraid of what was to become of her in her life. Uganda was under attack by Prime Minister Milton Obote, who was overthrown by one of history's most wicked dictators, Idi Amin, who seized power over his country and slew a great many. Elizabeth was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs by Amin himself, but manged to escape from his tyranny in 1975. Four years later, she returned to Uganda to help with its free elections, which were won by Milton Obote. Elziabeth married Wilbut Nyabongo, the son of a prince, in 1981. Obote was finally ousted and replaced by Yoweri Musenveni. Unfortunately, Wilbur was killed in an airplane crash. Elizabeth devoted herself to charity work and remians an ambassador to Uganda's government.