Donald J. Trump
Make America Great Again!
~ Donald Trump's catchprase and his most famous line.
Sometimes by losing a battle, you find a new way to win the war.
~ Donald Trump.

Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is the 45th and current president of the United States of America. He has been in office since January 20, 2017. Before he was president, he was a businessman and a television personality.

History Edit

I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That's where the fun is.
~ Donald Trump.

Birth & Early Life Edit

Donald Trump was born at Queens, NY, at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center on June 14, 1946. He was the fourth child of the Trump family, he was born from Frederick Trump (1905-1999) and Mary Anne Trump (1912-2000). His siblings are, Maryanne Trump (1937-present), Fred Jr. (1938-1981), Elizabeth (1942-present), and Robert (1948-present). He has a mixed accent of German and Scottish.

Trump was raised in the Jamaica Estates, a neighborhood in Queens, NY. He was attended at the Kew-Forest School from Kindergarten to 7th Grade. When he was 13, he enrolled at the New York Military Academy, a private school, after his parents discovered that he made tons of trips to Massachusetts without permission.

In August 1964, he went to do more education at Fordham University. After 2 years, he later went to the Warton School of the University of Philadelphia, the reason why he went there was because it had one of the few real estate studies in the United States at that time.

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