Dash Johnson is an African and American real-life Superhero of Ghanaian descent. Inspired by the DC Comics Superhero Green Lantern John Stewart as well as other real-life heroes such as Kwame Nkrumah, Malcolm X, and Barrack Obama. Rather than fight crime and corruption with violence, Dash champions the Golden Rule and uses super IQ to rise above violence. Dash Johnson's true identity is still unknown, however, he is believed to be @ndajiya on Twitter

Powers Skills and Accessories

  • Argonaut Skill: Hero aspiration
  • Identity Changing Hat.
  • Appearance Changing Shirt.


Dash Johnson is referred to as "The Golden Child" in 4PM and Calabasas by Drake as mentioned on

The Riddle of the Golden Child (Book)

The Riddle of the Golden Child Promotional


  • Time Travel/Precognition. Time Capsule must be uncovered to clarify. One urban legend states that Dash has traveled back in time to May 1998 where certain public information had been redacted in order to protect allies on these vigilante missions. Dash had left informed a couple first graders of the events that were to follow and had them create a time capsule to document. This time capsule was not to be opened until 7-4-2018 by a corporate entity that could oppose OPP Data Services and the resources they have at their disposal. Another urban legend clarifies that it was not time travel, but precognition and Dash Johnson discovered this ability at the age of 6.

Notable aliases

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