Caroll-Ann-Audrey Bilodeau-Martel
Caroll-Ann-Audrey Bilodeau-Martel (born in September 26th 1994) is a female quebecer that loves animals, Neopets and Bakugan, as well Mario, Zelda, Angry Birds and Sonic games, then especially WWE.


Caroll-Ann was diagnosed from autism at the age of 4 and half, when she was 4, she said "Is your heart, mom?". Her mom cries of joy after she finds out that Caroll-Ann starts to talk again.

When she was an adult, Caroll-Ann was diagnosed with Tourret Syndrom, when she is enough to take care of her house as her parents leave for shopping, she is sometimes not happy that one of her sisters goes into a argument which angers Caroll-Ann.

She works at F.R.I.P. who has a donate store that solds clothes, old VHS and DVDs, Caroll-Ann who has accompanied her best friend Caroline Chiquette-Ménard buys a purple Aisha doll the Neopets in the cost of 50 cents.

Caroll-Ann has two Scorchios dolls with different sizes, she collects Bakugan, she takes the Metro train of Montreal that Amy Chassé shows her how to take alone the bus and the Metro, Caroll-Ann sometimes is scared of the dark in the Metro that eventually panics her previously. But the lights return to normal that means that Caroll-Ann regains calm.

Her dream is to become a great collector of toys like her uncle Jonathan Tremblay.

She loves to feed her parents' pets with a appropriate food. She also feeds her cockatiel Mozart and her rabbit Pompom. Zazu the green cheek conure seems to love Caroll-Ann by doing his beautiful eyes on her.

She has a nephew named Jeffrey when she was 15.

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