Often portrayed unfairly as a villain, Billy the Kid was an orphan who unintentionally fell into outlawry, a lifestyle he couldn’t get out of. He tried to make peace with the law and his enemies, and both times it backfired on him, making things worse. He was never the captain of the Regulators, but just another fighter. The Lincoln County War itself would have turned out the same way, if he had never taken part in it. He killed only in self-defense and during the war. The men he killed weren’t good men, but were either bullies or outlaws, like the case of  Morton and Baker, who were both members of “the Boys.” The lawmen he killed were not honest men trying to “protect and serve,” but crooked and corrupt. The Kid did steal livestock, but in some cases he either paid for or returned what he had taken. He even recovered stolen livestock for small ranchers and judging by the poverty state he was always in, it seems he didn't steal enough.

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