05/07/1995 Viewpoint only child normal Dylan Wilson Braamse1 also known as 05/07/1995 Viewpoint

normal Dylan Wilson Braamse1 aka alive viewpoint normal dylan wilson braamse1 is the protagonist of Michigan. He is both archer and gunman. he is the only person who can see through the eyes who does not have siblings. However he has two half sisters and 1 half brother. he is the viewer who carries weapons. he was voiced by himself. he is right handed in real life. However, in the mirrors he is altered to be left handed. he is otherwisr known as brown haired dylan wilson braamse or brown eyed dylan wilson braamse has a Crossbow and a right handed single barreled flintlock pistol like in first/third person games (same as satan (real life/south park versions), his mom, his grandma banfield, jesus Christ and god). and has a pet nameless Zebra, etc. Oliver Jackson from texas whos carries pioneer airbow. Edit

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